Molt Net Menorca

More than a decade of experience in the cleaning and maintenance sector


New installations or changes, installation of air conditioners, among others. Contact us to advise you on what you need.


The most common plumbing breakdowns, which can be solved quickly without causing damage to the rest of the house.


The green space of a business center, the small garden or the areas of communities are not only an aesthetic resource. They act as recreational areas that help improve the environment and reduce stress. We develop, preserve, give general maintenance and adjust to your needs.



Cleaning of garages is necessary and requires special periodic maintenance for the total eradication of dirt. For this, in our company we use the specific material for each type of garage, to achieve a perfect finish.

We have service:

Punctual – Weekly – Biweekly – Monthly

Bi-monthly – Quarterly – Semiannual – Annual


We have been offering a complete pool and surrounding maintenance service. We clean the crown stone and the engine room so that everything is in perfect condition throughout the year.


The cleaning of an awning mainly affects the outer side of the canvas, which collects ambient dirt and rainwater. However, it is also convenient to clean the inside of the canvas because it usually accumulates waste.


Cleaning, maintenance, treatment and conservation services to improve the appearance and adequately maintain the entire surface. We have specialized machinery for each type of floor.
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