Molt Net Menorca

More than a decade of experience in the cleaning and maintenance sector


The neighboring communities need a series of services related to their cleaning, their good functioning and adaptation throughout the year. Regardless of the type or size of the neighborhood community, the methods are usually similar to each other and must be carried out in what is included in their maintenance.

Weekly – Biweekly – Monthly


Cleaning offices or offices, has an impact on a better image, improves business productivity, and above all, satisfies employees or the public and the pleasant feeling of working in a clean and hygienic environment. Good cleaning of your offices tends to promote correct development of their work activity, transmits seriousness and the stay is more pleasant. This allows the company to focus on its products and services, leaving these services to our specialized company, with adequate personnel and means.


Housework sometimes gets out of hand for the time it requires us to dedicate, we offer you experienced people to help you on the days and times that best suit you.


We make a selection of the objects and furniture that are in the house. Thorough cleaning of the house, during this we apply products with sanitizing, disinfecting and disinfecting effects.

In your case, we repair damaged or maintenance-free areas such as doors, hinges, glassware, plugs, lighting, and if you wish, we can also paint and carry out small reforms or works on the home.


For those travelers who are abroad or who have their home to spend the summer here we offer cleaning service for opening and / or maintenance.


When finishing a building or a small reform, there is always that more complicated cleaning, where the details are more difficults. We offer you experienced professionals, specialized machinery and products for each type of surface.

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